The challenge

  • Create a town centre and give the local community a sense of place – their place…’Our place’,
  • Translate the retail vision of the American lead architects to be relevant to the local market.

The solution

  • As brand keeper of the retail vision, create the experiential characteristics and atmosphere for the five distinct neighbourhoods to define the spaces between the stores.
  • Create an ambient story that rationally and emotionally engaged shoppers and the local community throughout their journey – from arrival through to their departure.
  • Create five individual tenancy fit out guidelines for each distinct neighbourhood to replicate the diversity of main street store design.
  • Work closely with the other consultants to manage the implementation of the five neighbourhoods’ characteristics and atmosphere.
  • Retail Critiquing Architect for all 152 retail tenancies fit out designs

The result

On completion, this was the first time AMP Capital had completed a retail development where the final valuation of the finished development was higher than the development cost.