KARAKA LAKES DEVELOPMENT – where memories unfold

                           ‘The experience is the marketing’
                                                        The Experience Economy
                                                  by James Gilmore/Joseph Pines

Karaka Lakes were developing the first phase of their new residential subdivision and came to us to help them create a three-dimensional branded experience, one that would convey the experience of living at Karaka Lakes as a community.

Their desired outcome was to maximise sales and return on their investment by successfully communicating the Karaka Lakes’ brand as a desirable place to live.

The Challenge

Specifically, they wanted us to help them at the pre-development stage to: –

  • maximise the section prices for the landowners through the creation of a high quality residential community that will increase in value over time,
  • ensure good sell through for the builders,
  • have a waiting list of purchasers eager to live at Karaka Lakes when the subsequent sections were released onto the market.
Karaka Lakes were looking for a holistic brand approach that would take us from merely
a brand name to something that could be experienced on site within the development.
 Kirsty Reynolds: Karaka Lakes Marketing Manager

The Solution

Our premise for Karaka Lakes was memories that are told and retold create community.

We focused on:

  • fundamentally differentiating Karaka Lakes Limited from their neighbouring competitor.
  • ensuring Karaka Lakes had a strong market identity,
  • aligning their development with the rural qualities of the wider Karaka area,
  • translating the Karaka Lakes Limited’s vision into a brand story that can be experienced within the development,

These memories are formed from a plethora of experiences that are built up over time by the people who live there.

The Result

The first section of housing plots were sold within their expected time frame for their asking price to residential builders.  This allowed them to develop and sell the next four sections.

Marketing focused on open days for potential buyers to come and experience life at Karaka Lakes.  Put another way, it was the experience that was the main marketer.

The foundations for creating a community had been established.  Only time will build up the memories as they unfold.

Michael Major was instrumental in developing the initial concept idea (which included doing background research)
and managing the process through to brand development.  We know that people will get a real sense of delight, and
that a wonderful community is taking shape, when they visit the site.” 
Kirsty Reynolds: Karaka Lakes Marketing Manager