De-risk our client’s investment

Major & Associates philosophy is based on over 30 years commercial experience. Below are the key elements of our philosophical approach.

The Built Environment Experience

The Built Environment Experience is key to delivering an environment that can’t be replicated. This Built Environment Experience rationally and emotionally engages the target market to ensure sustainable results. Our methodology unlocks and enables the delivery of the built environment experience.

Spatial psychology (Neuro-architecture)

We’ve been studying the psychology of how people move through space for over 30 years – what makes them move quickly, linger or stop? What makes them want to go from one space to another? Why they would want to change their rhythm of movements? What makes them want to come back?

Design anthropology

Our design anthropological approach draws on basic human desires and adapted to deliver personalised experiences. We understand people. We  translate human values and beliefs into built environment experiences.

Strategic branded experiences

We strategically bring alive the development’s competitive brand differentiation to other developments into the built environment experience.

Facilitating strategy into reality

We help our clients in facilitating the translation of the strategy we’ve developed with them into the built environment experience working closely with their consultants  .

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