The Challenge

Smales Farm technology Office Park had to build their own retail precinct to attract and retain large corporate office tenants even though this was not considered financially viable. 

The Solution

  • We developed a strategic retail experiential master plan to draw people not only from within Smales Farm Office Park but also from the surrounding neighbourhoods to ensure the development was financially viable.
  • We created differing precincts to widen the attraction for people to not only shop, but to come and work, rest and play on a daily basis.

In our Executive Summary of our recommendations, we stated: –

“The prime opportunity for Smales Farm with development of the Retail Precinct is that whilst the Retail Precinct will be one of the smaller environment on Smales Farm, it will signal Smales Farm’s future intent to be part of the wider community outside the boundaries of Smales Farm itself. To this end the Retail Precinct becomes the ‘hub for creating community with the concept of work, health, well-being and play harmoniously combined to create a balanced lifestyle.

The Result

The retail precinct is a thriving fully leased hub becoming the competitive cornerstone differentiating Smales Farm from other office parks. The strategic retail experiential masterplan has solved their leasing challenges.

The majority of our end-user strategic recommendations in our report have been implemented and still drive the office park development, namely: –

  • The positioning of the retail precinct provided the blue print for the future.
  • The concept of a place where you can work, rest, play and have a sense of well-being has become a cornerstone for Smales Farm’s differentiation to other office parks.
  • There’s a strong community not only for the tenants of Smales Farm, but also for the wider community.
  • Leasing has become significantly easier with the facilities provided.
  • Their innovator incubator (Sparkplug) program has now got a building of its own with the opening of B:Hive.

These great service facilities combined with the flexible leasing arrangements makes it very easy to grow their business from start-up to a large business without ever having to move out of Smales Farm.

It’s so easy, they’d be “fools to leave”.